Dear Alex

Dear Alex,

Today is Father’s Day. Thank you for being an awesome dad to Thing One, Thing Two and Thing-ette Three.

One thing that I’ve learned about motherhood is that it is easier to be a single parent than it is to have an unsupportive partner. Not only are you supportive, but you manage to be an equal parent despite working full time with an insane commute. You manage to be just as well bonded with our exclusively breastfed daughter who is with me all day in a wrap against my chest. This is rare. Very rare. I am blessed, and our children are blessed. While it might sound corny, you are a blessing.

Every step of the way you place our children ahead of your own ego, and your relationship comes out so much stronger because of this. I learn from the way you parent our children, and the way you connect with them and how you carve out their time with you even when you are tired with a headache and want to be asleep.

It makes me smile when you come home and the big-two stampede to give you hugs at the door and the little one starts fussing in my arms because she knows that you’re home and wants you to hold her.

I love you, our children love you, and there is no one else in the world that I would rather have by my side while navigating these crazy sleep deprived days of having children under six years old.

Happy Father’s day to the best father I have ever met.

<3 Sarah

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