Carry Mammal

Sometimes we curl up and relax to nurse. Other times you squish into the crook of my arm and doze off at I chase your brothers around and around and around and around the house as you nurse. You’re my little carry mammal. :)

5 thoughts on “Carry Mammal

  1. She looks so peaceful! My little man is five weeks and only wants to sleep on me when it’s completely quiet. But I have a rambunctious, wonderful 21 month old and it’s just not possible for more than the afternoon nap and nighttime. Did you have a phase like this? He has some tummy issues and is uncomfortable so his sleep is a little harder to come by!

    1. I babywear, so sleep happens eventually no matter the chaos. She will get in a mood where she is overstimulated and only wants to lay down and nurse to sleep or be rocked in the rocking chair, but fortunately that is usually close to bedtime so the big kids can hang out with their grandparents or dad during those times and lil miss can have some peace and quiet.

      Do you babywear? Nurse bebe to sleep? Or is he just very much into quiet and peace no matter what?

  2. she is sooo beautiful! I babywear too, however, my 8 week old wakes up as soon as i stop moving, lol. He is very clear about when he wants to lie down and nurse..or not. i nurse on demand and side lie nurse him 90% of the time b/c he is able to handle my forceful letdown(constant hard spray) better that way…

  3. I do babywear. And he loves it to go to sleep but after about thirty minutes he’s ready for quiet. And cries when I put him down (still in the sling)
    or if I keep moving. He wants me to sit in a quiet room with him still in the sling. But that’s new these past two weeks and he’s had some tummy trouble. The doctor Friday thinks that’s the reason he doesn’t want to sleep alone- he’s uncomfortable. So that’s what I am trying to focus on and just wait a bit.

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