Wrap Baby (WIO)

I love wraps and babywearing because they put so much sleep related stuff under baby’s control. A baby in a wrap has supported independence. They are able to make choices about their comfort and are actively involved in how and when they fall asleep.

When she is wide awake she pops her head out of the wrap and turns it side to side. She is interested, alert, observing. She makes eye contact with people around her and strikes up her own conversations of smiles and coos. She kicks her feet when she is excited by something that she sees and we move towards it.


When she is sleepy she pulls her head back in, tucking herself under my chin and letting the wrap cover her mouth while she chews on it calmly.


And then moments later she closes her eyes and she falls asleep.


She has control over her stimulation levels, her body position, and she makes the choice to fall asleep when she is ready and be awake when she is not. She is learning how to calm herself, how to sleep, how to relax in a comfortable place.

She is not on her back unable to move to find a comfortable position. She is not on her belly helpless. No one is deciding for her that it is time to sleep or time to wake.

She startles when a loud sound surprises her, bobs her head until she’s comfy, and settles back into sleep.

It is supported independence. Much like holding a baby’s hands for early steps before they have the confidence to do it on their own.

Sure, they could choose to hold your hands a while longer, but human children are driven by the desire to be independent. They cling only when something is wrong.

And when something is wrong, I want to be there for them to cling to.

I am happy with this pace as we wait it out.

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