Changes and Comics and Things

Hi all,

Just mentioning some changes I’ve made to the site recently.

1- Nurshable now has a facebook page. feel free to stop in, post interesting links to the page, chat with others who parent in similar ways, seek support, etc.

2- Nurshable is on twitter. feel free to follow there.

3- We now have comics. My partner Alex likes to draw and has started turning a lot of the funny things that happen into cartoons and has given me permission to put them up here. If you like comics and want to see some of the funnier sides of attachment parenting from our house get made into comics.. Comment. Encourage him. Otherwise he’ll get distracted and leave it at the one.

4- Changed the navigation at the top to simplify it a bit.

That’s about it. :)

Carry on!

<3 Sarah

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