Sleepy Story (For Cosleepers)

At the end of this day
the sun has set
and the birds have rustled down in the trees
all snug under their feathers,
and we snuggle down in bed
all warm under the covers,
with heavy sleepy eyes
and a heavy head,
that feels so good to rest
against our soft and sleepy bed.
Mama’s here to hold you,
right now for as long as you need,
and Daddy’s here to snuggle you,
for as long as you wish before sleep.
And sleep will come like waves against a shore,
warm and rolling in the summer eve,
Sleep will come like a soft and gentle caress
along your eyebrow and down your cheek
helping your sleepy eyes to close.
As you grow you’ll slowly find
you no longer need us near
and you’ll crawl into your own special place,
your own snuggly bed in a room of your own
and you’ll snuggle down deep
and sleep a sleep so sweet and deep
safe in the soft dark night alone.
And every night we’ll still be right here,
as we have been every night since you were born,
we’ll be right here to hold you
to love you, kiss you, hug you, snuggle you,
we’ll be right here when you need us,
as you grow.
Goodnight little one.
Sleep well.
We will play again in the morning.  

2 thoughts on “Sleepy Story (For Cosleepers)

  1. Your writings always bring tears to my eyes, especially embarrassing when reading your posts on the train and I’m getting teared up in front of strangers.
    You help me to feel so validated in how we’re raising our son. He’s a bit high-needs so needs extra care, even now at 13 months. I”have”to hold him while he sleeps or he’ll wake with in minutes. This means going to bed with him at 7pm, which may not be the most convenient thing, especially in regards to my marriage, but it’s either that or fighting him for hours and by then it’ll be bedtime for the adults anyway, so I lay with my baby and nurse him to sleep and hold him until he wakes. I know that one day he won’t need this, which will be freeing and heartbreaking.
    None of my friends understand how I can inconvenience myself so. I just explain, I’m not trying to deal with an inconvenience, I’m raising a human being with needs and I believe it is my job to needy his needs do he can grow to be as confident and independent as possible. I wasn’t my son to know love and comfort so he’ll always have this place to go to inside of him when he’s all grown and out in the big world alone. Thanks for your wonderful writings. So inspiring!

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