Empathy Week: Breastfeeding Shame

One of the things that pulled me out of the mommy wars was all of the stories. This week I’m sharing the stories of other moms that have touched me through their experiences. If you have an experience you would like to share, please email me at sarah@momtomommedia.com and I’ll publish it here this week. (All names will be changed to initials to keep them anonymous unless you give me permission to use your name.)

G’s Mother’s Story:
Year 1959.. Tampa, Florida. My mother is 18 and she has given birth to my older sister a few weeks ago. She is sitting in the same hospital hallway with her baby in her arms waiting to see the doctor. She has no family there as she is from another country and she is married to an American living away from her family. My sister starts to root and she does what is normal to her, she starts breast feeding her right there.. Suddenly a nurse appears and scolds my mother for doing ‘that’ in public! She feels awful, alone and embarrassed, a young girl who just became mother.. She didn’t deserve that.. It’s amazing how things change in 50 years..

2 thoughts on “Empathy Week: Breastfeeding Shame

  1. I hope things keep getting better! I nurse anywhere and hardly try to hide at all anymore. If people don’t like it, I don’t notice. I hope everyone who wants to nurse in public can feel comfortable to do so. Thanks for the story!

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