DIY 10 Minute No-Sew 100% Cotton Gauze Wrap Baby Carrier

Step one: Buy fabric. (I use “Island Breeze 100% cotton gauze from You will want 5, 6 or 7 yards depending on your size and what carries you want to be able to use. I’m 5’11 and I can use a 5y, 6y and 7y wrap. My partner is 6’2 and about 200lbs and he can use a 6 or 7y wrap. My daughter’s grampa is significantly larger and he can use a 6 and 7y wrap. If you have a heavier child more fabric gives more support (more layers) but can also be harder to use if you’re not familiar with wrapping.

Step two:  Cut Fabric. Once you have the fabric lay it down and fold it in half lengthwise. Use sewing shears or sharp scissors to cut the fabric along the fold. Congratulations you have two “wraps”.

Step three: Wrap fabric. Use  as you would use any other wrap. The Island Breeze gauze doesn’t fray significantly at the edges so it doesn’t need to be hemmed.

This is not a stretchy wrap. The gauze has a slight give to it but it is supportive.

Word to the wise: Read up on safe babywearing. Unsafe babywearing can kill or injure a baby. You don’t want to tie too loose (baby can fall out), too tight (baby will be in your face or unable to breathe), You want to choose a safe position that allows you to make sure baby’s airway isn’t obstructed. And you don’t want to accidentally drop the baby while getting them into the wrap. If baby is able to break out of the wrap by stretching and leaning back then it’s not wrapped snugly enough. If there are worn spots or tears in the fabric you don’t want to continue using it as it might tear further. You’ll know if you have it wrapped right because baby will be comfortable, you will be comfortable, and there will be no way for baby to fall or escape.

A note about the fabric: Keep in mind that I am not affiliated with and cannot guarantee that what I have purchased (Island breeze gauze) will be what you purchase. Use good judgement. If you get something very flimsy that can’t support the weight of your baby, don’t use it. The gauze that I use is lightweight and sheer but very very strong.

8 thoughts on “DIY 10 Minute No-Sew 100% Cotton Gauze Wrap Baby Carrier

  1. You mentioned the length of the fabric, but how wide should it be?
    Thanks for the info and all that you do in this community

    1. My own personal DIY wraps are between 24 and 30 inches wide. 30 inches is too wide. 24 inches is too narrow. The gauze that I used and that I mentioned becomes two 26″ wide wraps which I find to be perfect.

    1. Love it. I am still using it. It definitely has limitations. I wouldn’t use it for any carry that involved fewer than three passes over the baby, and I wouldn’t use it to back carry an infant. It has to be wrapped high and snug. I have used it to back carry a toddler, and use it constantly with an infant. It does not tear. I have also used it as a table hammock for my 60 pound 9 year old.

      I have two Didymos wraps that I adore and another wrap as well. But the gauze wrap is my go to wrap for around the house chores, yard work, playground trips and quick ups when I am going into stores. It holds up really well with all kinds of washing and it doesn’t need any particular type of maintenance. (No breaking in, no steaming, no ironing, etc.) I just have to watch it for any signs that it is weakening or becoming worn. But I am still using a length of fabric that I used with my older daughter four years ago, and that I used constantly for the first two years of her life. And it’s going strong.

  2. I was thinking of doing this exact thing! I made some baby blankets out of that island breeze gauze and really like it. It’s so inexpensive but sturdy. Do you think this would be cooler than a regular wrap? It gets really hot where I live and I’m looking for something lighter without being a weird synthetic material (or $100!). Thanks for sharing your wrap instructions!

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