Upcoming Co-Ops – Comment if interested

I’ve been asked to run a few co-ops.

Comment if interested, let me know which co-ops you’d be interested in, how many/what type, and I’ll email you with the details and order spreadsheets. Price breaks will depend on the number of people interested in each co-op. 

WIO Bracelets
(Closing August 1, shipping time depends on vendor.)
Options will include a rubber style band bracelet and a stamped metal bracelet with a suede, silk or vegan cord. Voting will take place for what to have on the bracelet. “WIO” or a WIO phrase/reminder.

Alva Pocket Diapers
(Closing July 26- shipping 1-2 weeks after closing if in stock.) 

Custom Embroidered Cotton gauze fabric for DIY projects  52″ x 52″, 26″ wide 5, 6 and 7 yards, or 52″ wide 5, 6 and 7 yards. 
(For use in DIY projects such as wraps, swaddling blankets, cotton “play silk” style cloths, curtains, etc.)
(Closing July 26- shipping 1-3 weeks after closing. Limited availability) 

60 thoughts on “Upcoming Co-Ops – Comment if interested

  1. A WIO bracelet would be great…maybe with the phrase “This too shall pass…” on it?! It’s my AP group of friends’ favourite phrase. :)
    However, we’re in the UK so not sure if you’ll be shipping out to us..?

  2. Would love a WIO bracelet. I prefer the stamped metal. I like “This too shall pass…” as mentioned in an above comment. I also like “Because you’re worth it…”

  3. I love the idea of a wio bracelet with a phrase. I’m not a huge fan of the rubber bracelets but like the other options.

    1. The rubber style bracelets I’ve gotten quotes on so far are silicone. :) The stamped metal ones are metal and either suede, silk or vegan cording. :) No latex so far!

  4. Interested if you do a stamped metal bracelet. I like “Because you’re worth it” or “Enjoy the journey” :)

  5. I totally want a bracelet. I want it to say “don’t hurt the baby”….

    Juuuuuuuuuust kidding. 😉 I just want a bracelet.

  6. I too like the idea of a bracelet. Hubby would too, but he’d probably prefer a silicone one and would probably be better for me too as we have the newborn. Either would be good though and I like the idea of a phrase too. Maybe you should suggest three and people can vote. Will you be able to ship worldwide though as I’m in UK.

  7. Stamped bracelet and gauze cloths!(doll wrap or blanket maybe? Not sure what the options are but I don’t need another wrap or a swaddling blanket)

    I love “keep swimming”! But also like the other phrases. Will it be individual, or will there be a vote?

  8. I’m interested in the stamped nracer, the alva diapers and the gauze for a wrap. Not sure what size though. I am 5’5

  9. Hi, thank you for doing this! I’m interested in the gauze and bracelet pls..:)in uk also so not sure if possible… X

  10. Thank you Sarah!! Interested in either the stamped metal bracelet (prefered option) or the runner one (I’ll buy anything WIO! ) Intersted in the embroidered gauze too! Loved the little owl you showed us. I’m inspired to get me one of these nifty little machines! Will have to liaise re: sizes though as we use the metric system here :)

  11. I’m in for a silicone bracelet!
    Also interested in 6′ of fabric, depending on price.
    Questionon both – can you shop to canada?

  12. I’d love a stamped metal bracelet! My vote would be “this too shall pass”

    I’d also be interested in some gauze for a wrap depending on the final cost.

  13. WIO bracelet would be really great! The metal one sounds appealing to me. Ppl supporting WIO have been so encouraging through the tired and tough moments.

  14. just had email to order, great. Can I ask why ”you’re worth it”.. and ”not this too shall pass”.. with seemed a more popular response? x

  15. “Wait it out” bracelet please, available to UK! Not sure I like ‘this shall pass’ as it wishes a way the experience, like your child is a burden for behaving in a way that comes naturally – that they have to go through- when they can’t help it (no offence, just my instinct on the phrase).

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