Self Discipline

The most important form of discipline is self discipline.

Self discipline is the internalization of what we are taught as children.

Do we want our kids to yell at themselves and beat themselves up when they make a mistake or do we want them to approach situations proactively? Do we want them to understand what not to do, or do we want them to understand the things that are to be done?

Do we want them to be able to say “Yes. I made a mistake. And I have to fix the mistake. What needs to be done?” Or do we want them to hide from their mistake and hope that no one notices?

Do we want them to view us as givers of advice or as dispensers of punishment? Do we want them to view us as people to talk to about paths to follow and avoid, or do we want them to view us as people that refuse discussion?

Our children are small for such a short time and they will be adults for most of their lives. Is it important that we control them in their childhood, or is it important that we teach them the tools that they will need to control their lives?

It is important for children to have boundaries. How do you go about establishing boundaries for your children and how do you go about enforcing them? Discuss. :)

2 thoughts on “Self Discipline

  1. And a related question is, do you want your kids to follow the crowd and do something because “everyone is doing it” or do you want them to do what is right for them? (Even telling a kid, “look everyone is wearing their seatbelt,” isn’t really helping.)

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