Grow Like A Garden (Even Crushed by a Tree)

Dear Kids,

The year is 2013. The year that a gigantic horking tree crushed the garden that we had been tending to lovingly since spring. It was a huge tree. And it fell perfectly over the garden as though it had been perfectly designed to fill the landscaping timber rectangle with the heaviest part of its limbs. I saw one lone tomato plant off to the left that possibly had survived. Everything else seemed crushed.

That was Saturday.

Today is Monday. We went out to explore the impromptu leafy fort that the tree created. Bark benches and leafy canopies that had just recently been high up in the sky and that were now child-height and ripe for climbing.

As the three of you played I noticed that the pumpkin vine that had wilted in shock had sprung back to life and was growing rapidly out from under the tree in search of sunshine. The cucumbers that had been partially ripped from the ground and shriveled in the heat? They were putting out new roots and new new growth and trying to right themselves. The tomato plants that had been bent under were standing straight again, curved a bit at the base from the weight of the tree that still rests on them, but using the tree as their new trellis instead of staying crushed. And sunflowers which had been bug-eaten had decided to bloom.

Life is beautiful and resilient and it finds a way to continue on.

Grow like a garden when it is bathed in sunshine, kids. But more importantly, grow like that garden when it was crushed by a tree. Don’t be content to simply wither when life comes crashing down. Seek that sunshine. Put out those new roots. Grow strong again.

On Saturday I was disheartened by the loss of all the hard work that I had done. Today I am reminded that I can breathe. I can wait. I can ask myself the bittersweet question of “what beautiful new things will come from this?”

Because when given a chance.. Beautiful new things do come even when it seems like everything has been destroyed.

Grow like a garden crushed by a tree. Grow faster. Reach for the sunshine again. Have faith for what is there, even if you cannot see it yet. Thrive.

<3 Mama

Moments before it all came crashing down:

Seemingly Nothing left:

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