In 2014 My Resolution is to Become More Nurshable

It is the last day of 2013. Tomorrow begins a new year.

Today I am thinking ahead to 2014. There are many resolutions that I could make, but I will choose to make a resolution that I have grown into this past year.

I would like to ask you to join me in this resolution.

Today I am strong because I have grown strong. Today I have a plethora of information at my fingertips because I have collected it across the years. Today I understand many things that I did not understand before.

I am blessed.

I will choose to use this blessing with humility. I will try and speak to others from where they are on their journey, not where I am on mine.

I will respect the emotional fragility that comes from being new to things. The vulnerability that comes from discovering that wrong information has been held as fact. I will respect that as the holder and provider of knowledge and information I am in a position of power even if others have made me feel powerless in the past.

I will be gentle. I will try and speak with true love.

I will try each day to become more Nurshable, as Nurshable has come to symbolize everything that I want to be.

I will not be that person on the other shore calling out to everyone that they can swim. That it’s easy and that you just have to try.

I will be the one swimming back to show others how from the shore that they have yet to leave, not from the shore that I have found. Yes, it will return me to that place where I once was fragile and weak. Yes, it will bring memories and sadness flooding back. Yes, it would be easier to pretend that I’ve always been this strong. But this is a place I know that I can leave, a place I know that I’ve grown past. So I will return to show others that they can leave. That they can grow past. That there is no shame in starting out.

I will smile gently instead and I will repeat my motto. “This is what learning looks like.”

Come swim back with me. There are many women waiting to learn. Many struggling to try and learn on their own.

I started a group earlier this year called “Becoming Nurshable”, for others who have chosen this journey. I’ll share it with you now, if you want to come and join.

Come be that voice of calm. Even if just once in this coming new year. Help another mama learn to swim. I hope to see you there. <3

6 thoughts on “In 2014 My Resolution is to Become More Nurshable

  1. This post reminded me of one of my favorite stories from The Republic of Plato, called Isle of the Blest. It talks about how people start out in a cave, sitting and staring at images on the walls of the cave, there’s candle light flickering and shadows being cast as well and we’re watching it all and believing that it’s real. Then, some of us realize that it isn’t real, that it’s all just images. We break away and leave the cave for the Isle of the Blest.
    Then, and this is the part that especially makes me think of what you’re post is about, once we’re at the Isle of the Blest we can’t just stay there, or we may as well just have stayed in the cave. No, those who reach the Isle must then return to the cave to help others to find their way to The Isle. The problem is, some of these people won’t appreciate being shown the truth, that it’s only images on the cave walls, not reality and they will want to harm those who try to spread the truth.

    Anyway, I really like this post a lot. I want to be more nurshable as well. It’s just always so difficult trying to find that line between helping and pushing my beliefs and ideas onto others. I want to help them to see that the images aren’t real, but I can’t force it upon them. They must want it for themselves.

  2. Sarah, I love you.. You are another wonderful version of me as we are all different versions of one another I believe…
    Thank you again..

  3. Thank you for another beautiful post mama. As we enter a new year, I find myself reflecting on the one before. Mine would not have been all it had been without the love, warmth, wisdom and sense of community that I have found in you as Sarah, as Nurshable and in the groups that you set up… You are a true inspiration as a person and as a mama. May you continue to do wonderful things… And may I too… Love you mama

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