Haha Just Kidding on the Sleep Thing

Dear Daughter,

Haha apparently you were just kidding with the sleep thing. After I wrote the letter that you were sleeping through the night at 23 months old? Daylight savings time happened. And a cold happened. And your two year molars decided that they had not been happening enough, and they upped their ante. The end result? You’ve become a screaming thrashing neck warmer that makes it more than a little bit hard to breathe.

I understand.

Once I got a new pair of rollerblades after my old ones became too well-used to use. And the first thing I did was hurt my ankle. And my knee. And my butt. And my pride. So those shiny new blades went into the closet for a few weeks while I recovered.

You know how to sleep now. You’ve done it. And now you’re sick and unhappy that you can’t do this thing that you learned and mastered and appreciated.

You’ll sleep again. This I know. You’ve figured it out.

Before I was waiting it out with you. Now we’re waiting it out together until your nose is no longer stuffy and your body has adjusted to the craziness of time changes.

I’ll take it as a reprieve. A last chance to enjoy those snuggles. I’m just hoping that I can convince you of a less oxygen-depriving type of snuggles because the scarf thing? It doesn’t work too well for me.

<3 Mama

4 thoughts on “Haha Just Kidding on the Sleep Thing

  1. love this. my daughter also recently started magically sleeping through the night. I enjoyed a few weeks of it until…we moved, the time changed, and she got a cold. but it is easier when she wakes up now, because I know she will sleep again once we recover from all the changes and the colds! in fact, she already slept through 2 nights in a row at the new house which was pretty impressive given that she isn’t sharing a room with her brother anymore and is all the way down the hall from mommy and daddy!
    thanks, as always, for sharing your experiences!!!!!

  2. :0)

    Welcome back to the not sleeping club! We had 3 nights of being out of bed style awake from about 3-5 am in the last week… Same stuff : sick again, teeth, time change… Hard work!!! And now we’re coasting along in “getting better” mode again. Thanks for your realistic letter! Oh, and my little guy’s not a scarf, but he has been spending lots of time nursing across my chest while I’m on my back… So… Halter top maybe?

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