A More Mindful May- Finding My Center

Get a piece of paper. Draw a heart in the middle. Write the things that mean the most to you. I wrote “family”, “friends”, “pets” “God” and “garden”

On the outside write all of the other things that fill your life up. Cleaning, playdates, house repairs, future plans, travel, blogs, photography.. Anything that is important but that doesn’t fall into your core.

Write everything down. Anything you can think of. The things that you feel are more important can go closer in near your heart, and the lesser important things that can wait can drift off to the edges.

Think about how you are living your life right now at the moment Are you living your life straggling along on the outer edges of the paper trying to get back to your core? Or are you taking care of the things that are on the inside, close to your heart, and then reaching out full of energy for the other things in your life?

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