A More Mindful May – An Intentional Approach to Media

Today I am re-evaluating my media choices. When I use media am I doing something specific? Am I picking up my cell phone or turning on my computer with a specific intention that I follow through with? Or am I spending time? Am I turning on the TV to watch something specific or to share something specific with my children, or am I looking for something to spend time? What things can I spend time with that are not related to media?

I will not limit my use of media today, but I will only use it intentionally. I will do exactly what I intended to do, no more and no less. And then I will be done with it for that moment. I will not “just check” another thing, or “see what is happening”. I will spend quality time with the media devices in my life, and I will put them down and walk away when my intentional activity has been completed.

One thought on “A More Mindful May – An Intentional Approach to Media

  1. Wow, do I need this! I’m in school, but where I have to do one of my classes at home on my own. It’s studying a language so I really need my focus on it, but instead, I mindlessly watch TV program after TV program, often telling myself that after THIS one, I’ll get back to work, or clean up the house, or exercise. Then, I turn off the TV to do my lessons, only to find myself mindlessly looking at Facebook when maybe I only intended to look up a word or something on the school page for my assignment. I couldn’t tell you how long I’d been on. Then, suddenly my day is up and I have little done and it’s time to pick up my son from daycare. Even my days where I don’t have work due, those are the worst! Sure; i could clean, but that only takes about an hour or so for the entire apartment. Exercising takes about 30 minutes so I waste the day watching TV and playing around on the computer.

    Those free days, which are about once a week and holidays, are so hard for me to structure anything. I feel aimless. I would love to figure something else to do. At best, on my free days, I sit and do some beadweaving or other jewelry making which is a hobby of mine, which I do in front of the TV.
    I guess TV sometimes fills a void on day like that but I don’t know how else to fill them! I would love to be more mindful of what I distract myself with and for how long. Would love some advice. Thanks for this post!

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