A More Mindful May – Spread thin.

Causes have a tendency to talk about what you CAN DO within their cause, and why you should never put that cause on a shelf temporarily, even if it’s taking up so much room in your life that you are overwhelmed.

If you’re not saving the shelter dogs and cats..
If you’re not saving the whales.
If you’re not plastic-free, cruelty-free, GMO-free, local-eating.
If you’re not advocating against rape.
If you’re not advocating against racism
If you’re not advocating for abused and neglected children.
If you’re not advocating for breastfeeding and natural child birth and baby wearing and car seat use.
If you’re not involved in politics.
If you’re not advocating for small farms and local-grown, and if you don’t have a backyard garden with backyard chickens.
If you’re not trying to save the bees, worried about the disappearance of oranges and bananas.
If you’re not passionate about vaccines – either passionately for or against them..
If you’re not supporting a child’s right to a public education while supporting the right of parents to homeschool..

You have abandoned human decency.

That’s not even getting into clean water causes and vaccines for other countries causes. Adoption of foreign children. Making adoption more humane. That’s not venturing into gun-rights or anti-gun passions. That’s not touching on even a fraction of the things that people feel passionate about.

No one person is meant to carry the weight of all of the things that are important in this world. We cannot. The most effective advocates are those that singlemindedly devote their attention to a cause. This, by its very nature, cuts out all of the other valuable causes that exist.

Today I’m clearing my head of the guilt that comes from not being involved in some causes that were once of utmost importance to me.

I cannot devote energy to all things without everything suffering. I will choose the causes where I feel I am able to make the most impact.

3 thoughts on “A More Mindful May – Spread thin.

  1. Evolutionarily we are only able to keep track of a group of 140 individuals: their life events, their relationships, what matters to them. Beyond that and we are overwhelmed with scads of information pertaining to a much larger number of people and we are unable to sustain them. It’s called the Dunbar number and it is fascinating to learn about. Ask Dr Google if you get a free couple mins one day. Your life is fabulous and full of love, laughter, joy, living well and honestly.

  2. Just reading this post now. It has been in my email since May. Hmm, maybe I am spread a little thin! :) I loved it, and I bookmarked the previous one about an intentional approach to media. Thank you for these!!!

  3. Your blog is amazing! I feel like every word you write is exactly how I think and feel about every subject you discuss. Thank you for your blog!

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