Just You Wait Until Your Father Gets Home

Just you wait until your father gets home. Here at the end of our thirteen hour days, six AM to seven thirty at night. Every last shred of patience spent. Just you wait.

Just wait while the door slams open and your heart beats faster and he walks in to hear all about our day.

He’ll listen to the things that frustrated us, the rules broken and the feelings hurt.

He’ll listen to the stories of the adventures that we had, and the books that we read,

And he’ll sweep you into his arms and give you all the patience that I’ve been struggling with these past few hours of our too-long day.

Just wait. Daddy will be home soon. I know that you have missed him, and he has missed you too.

3 thoughts on “Just You Wait Until Your Father Gets Home

  1. Love this! My 5 kids all love when Daddy comes home. If they hear the car in the driveway they all go running out there yelling “Daddy!” I usually feel like cheering that he’s home, too. :) It’s such a nice change from the way I was raised. My father was abusive, and we dreaded him coming home.

  2. It’s strange for me because I have such vivid memories of this with my own father when I was a kid…and my little girl won’t have this kind of memory! My husband and I are both high school teachers at the same school and carpool to work every day. We pick her up together at daycare. I wish I could stay home but it isn’t possible for us. But I do love that her dad gets to spend so much time with her. But every once in a while something like this will make me realize how different she will be growing up compared to how I grew up! No pizza movie parties in moms bed when dad goes on a business trip, no company Christmas parties to dress up for, no getting to go play in dad’s office. So weird!

    1. Stephanie,

      My kids will have all kinds of memories that I don’t have, and will not have many that I treasure.

      My own father spent most of my younger childhood coming home after I was asleep and leaving before I woke up so that my mother could stay home. I missed out on a relationship with him.

      All families find balance in different and beautiful ways. <3

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