Your Eyes Look Sleepy – Naptime WIO at 29 Months

NapSnugglesUpset because papa changed her bandaids without asking her, tearstained. Daddy brings her to me and she asks to nurse. So we lay down to nurse.

Huge blue eyes twinkle at the corners as I tell her funny things. Then I fall silent and she just looks at me. Her eyes open wide as she tries to keep them open.

Are you sleepy? I ask. She grunts protest in lieu of a no.

Do you want to take a nap? She grunts again, shaking her head slightly and kicking her feet in protest, her eyes annoyed.

She doesn’t really nap anymore.

I say okay.

I run my finger down her nose, along the outside of her cheek. I have missed her this morning as she has been playing with her daddy, her gramma and her grandpa, drinking in this time with them as they are at work most of the week.

Her eyes blink.

“Your eyes look sleepy, ” I say. “Doesnt it feel good to let them close?” And I trace my finger across the corner of her eyelashes, her eyes flutter closed at the touch. Then open again.

“Your body looks tired, too. Doesnt it feel good to snuggle near?”

Her eyes flutter closed again and she curls herself into my body.

Still awake, but relaxed and still.

Soon her body is heavy with sleep and her little mouth hangs open. Her hands and feet twitch away in some kind of peaceful dream.

Twenty nine months. This is what naptime looks like now, when she takes a nap that is.

5 thoughts on “Your Eyes Look Sleepy – Naptime WIO at 29 Months

  1. Hi
    I love your blog..but would you suggest WIO for an overtired baby. I am struggling on sleep with my 4 month old…she is addicted to her pacifier..she wakes it falls out of her mouth and i have to hold her all night and day and put it again and again. How long do i wait so that this phase gets over. I wrote to you before..please suggest something.

    1. Hmm.. If she’s overtired what happens if you help her fall asleep sooner? Overtired babies tend to fight sleep quite a bit.

      Pacifiers are difficult because babies can’t hold onto them or get them back into their mouth the way they can re-latch if they fall off the breast. That is hard!

      At four months none of my babies tend to sleep without being in close contact with me or another adult. I baby wear and co-sleep following safe cosleeping guidelines.

      You may find the “No Cry Sleep Solution” to be helpful if you’re struggling. <3

    2. Oh, boy. I feel you, Jass. Every baby is different and I’m sure your LO will sleep sometime. Mine started to sleep kind of okay at 4 – 4 1/2 months, but then things went downhill again at 5 1/2 months when we had to get rid of her rock-n-play sleeper. Hang in there and do what’s right for you. Personally, I wish my LO was into a pacifier. She never was, and her number 1 comfort item is mama, mama, mama. It’s hard, but it will pass and, believe it or not, one day we will sorely miss these times. Have you read “Sleep and Wake Again”? It’s my favourite:

  2. Hi Sarah,

    My 22 month old has been nursing more and more these last few months, through some big transitions at home (dreaded home renovations, a new temporary daycare during the summer when his other one was closed for holidays, and those darn teeth that just won’t poke through). He still hasn’t “slept through the night”. I’m the last of my friends to still be nursing my LO. After all this time, I still find it so comforting to come here and hear about Keenie nursing too….thank you for sharing.

  3. Do you have any suggestions for a baby who can’t sleep through a transition during naps? My 2.5 month old wakes at 20 and 43 minutes at every nap. I would be fine with this if she was rested, but she is still exhausted. I can get her back to sleep pretty easily after the 20 minute wake but spend 20-30 minutes getting her back to sleep after the 43 minute wake.

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