The Whispers of Your Heart

Dear New Mama,

I once was you. Scared and new. Looking for direction where no direction seemed to be. Everyone said different things, and the things that they said didn’t seem to match what my instincts called out for me to do. I was confused. I was worried. I was wondering if everything that seemed so right was breaking some kind of rule. Loud and boisterous voices told me “put the baby down” “it’s okay if they cry”, “get them used to the bottle now”, “you can’t hold them forever”.

I’ve been getting a lot of emails and messages and comments lately, asking so many different things.

Mama. Listen to your heart. What does your heart say? What happens when you forget about all the things that you’ve read, all the things that you have been told? What happens when you push those voices to the back of your mind? When you sit in silence and in peace and hold your baby in your arms in front of you? What happens when you look into those deep blue, brown, green or gray eyes that stare right into the depths of your heart and soul?

Listen to the whisperings of your heart. The tug that you feel. That tug is what guides you. It need not be loud. It need not be forceful. It is not trying to convince you to do something that you do not feel is right.

That is why the books are loud. That is why the advice is loud. That is why people may scoff and try to make you feel odd about following your heart.

It has to be loud. Because how else will it drown out what you feel inside?

Let it wash over you. Loud like thunder, loud like crashing waves in a storm. Let it blend together into a wall of white noise.

Listen to the coos. The cries. The unspoken things that your baby’s body and face communicate to you when he roots and when he rolls and reaches. Listen to his babbles. Listen to the silence and the intensity when the two of you lock eyes.

Trust yourself. The whisperings of your heart contain much wisdom.

<3 A Mama Who Once Was New

4 thoughts on “The Whispers of Your Heart

  1. Oh Mama!

    This is beautiful!!! What a powerful and simple message! Great to rebbe eve for myself with my now already 3 year old and also for friends with new or newish babies!

    I’m so grateful to my sister for leading the way for me with her mothering style and for introducing me to your blog when my little guy was only a few months old!

    Thanks Sarah!


    Simone :0)

  2. Thank you for this wonderful open letter to new mothers. As a lactation consultant this is what I really want them to understand – that as the mother, no one in this world knows better what their baby needs and to hold their babies close and follow their hearts. I’ve reposted on my Facebook page and will be sharing with all the mums at our next breastfeeding cafe. I agonised so much over doing the right thing when I had my own babies 21 and 17 years ago, I wish someone had told me this then! Thank you again, Vicky Honar

  3. Thank you. A million times. My daughter turned 4 weeks old yesterday, and I am so overwhelmed. There is so much unsolicited advice, bad advice, strong opinions, and interference. I needed this today more than you could ever know. So glad I found your blog today. So encouraging. Love, A brand new Momma.

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