Goodnight, 2014

Goodnight, twenty-fourteen and all that you have brought to my life. All the changes, personal growth, new friends and old and strengthened friendships. All the little moments that scattered themselves across the year.

Dark warm room that catches the heat rising from the rest of the house, ceiling fan spinning a breeze. The window across from me that lighter shade of black that manages a slight contrast from the darkness of the walls.

Keenie rises and falls with my breath, she fell asleep using my belly as her pillow. Alexander wiggles next to me, still. He falls asleep with me, too, these nights. Clinging close for extra snuggles after a long while of falling asleep on his own.

I am okay with this.
Better, I enjoy this.
Relish it.

Keenie taught herself to fall asleep without nursing this year. To sleep through the night. She has nearly weaned herself, but shall nurse for as long as she wishes. She no longer wears diapers and the cloth diapers will soon go in a bag in the basement for a future child that we may be trying for at this time next year.

Alexander has grown so much, learned so much.

Isaac, too.

Not the explosive growth that toddlers go through, but the growth that a child does. They are becoming even more of who they are. Even more capable. Independent. Thoughtful.  Communicative. 

I got my drivers license this year. I published my first two books.

And now I am saying goodnight to 2014 When the sun rises in the morning and wakes my two littlest alarm clocks.. it will be a new year.

2014 was a good one for me. I hope that it was for you as well.

Much love to all of you. See you in 2015!

2 thoughts on “Goodnight, 2014

  1. Happy New Year!

    We’re already into the first flu of the year… :0(

    I’ll go check out your website for your 2 books now!

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