Activity: Color Hunt with D, P, and B

Activity: Color Hunt with D, P and B.
Materials Needed: Printer, printer paper (8.5×11), Bingo Dauber in 3 colors (substitute: clear bingo chips, markers or crayons)
Printable File: BPDbpdHunt.pdf   (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Activity Goal: This activity helps a child recognize the differences between three frequently confused letters.
Activity Suggestions:

  • Adult can start activity by demonstrating on the Dd, Pp and Bb at the top of the worksheet.
  • The child can use a three bingo daubers to color code each letter. So B and b would one color, P and p would be another color and D and d would be the third color.
  • The child can use a marker or crayon to trace over letters, using a different color for each letter.
  • The child can use two colors to color code which letters are uppercase and which letters are lowercase.
  • The child and adult can talk about what each letter looks like. “a little b is the bottom part of a big b!” “The Big D and the little d like to sit and talk to each other!” “A Big P and a little p look alike but the little p is smaller.”

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