It Isn’t Hypocrisy if Breastfeeding Makes You More Uncomfortable Than a Bikini

If seeing a woman in a low cut top or a bikini barely registers anymore, but seeing a mother breastfeeding her child makes you uncomfortable…

You haven’t seen it often enough.

I no longer believe that it is hypocrisy. It is the simple math of frequency. What we do not see often… stands out.

People who have strong feelings about other people covering up or finding private places are innocent of the details that go into breastfeeding an infant or a toddler. They hold simplified ideas, often ones that they have heard elsewhere that seem to make sense.

They are not aware that not every mother responds to a pump.

They are not aware that not every baby takes a bottle.

They are not aware of the devastation that isolation can create in the mind and heart of a new mother struggling to adjust after her baby has been born.

They are not aware that breastfeeding is a learned skill that both baby and mom need to work at and practice. It is natural but it does not come easily, even when a mama has been through it before.

They are not aware of how some children respond to being covered up.

They are not aware of the impact that adding another step can have on a mama who is struggling with just getting her baby to latch on.

They are unaware of the drastic changes that would take place if every mother began to breastfeed openly without covering.

It would be normal.

It would make it easier for new mothers, because they would have seen it before.

It would increase breastfeeding success rates and that would bring along all of the benefits that breastfeeding carries.

It would have an amazing impact on the postpartum mental health of new mothers.

It would also stop being noticeable. It would be no different than seeing a bathing suit on a beach.

5 thoughts on “It Isn’t Hypocrisy if Breastfeeding Makes You More Uncomfortable Than a Bikini

  1. I love this and agree! I never covered up nursing my babies and toddlers, after the first few failed attempts. I proudly nursed my kids in public and made eye contact with passers by, smiling at some and maintaining my gaze with others. I wanted it to be clear that I was proud and not ashamed.

  2. Well said. My daughter is a Postpartum Doula AND mother who has had three children. Every one of these points are right on. Each is something that we’ve all dealt with, now and in the past (me). My son spent two years in Argentina where women nursed openly everywhere he went, it is the natural thing to do. He got back to the states and was shocked at how women felt they had to cover up. Thank you for your thoughts.

  3. I told myself I would get a cover and some people are so helpful in covering you up (even my own mother) or holding a big white muslin in front of you whilst they latch. In actual fact you are drawing attention to me. There is nothing ostentatious about my breastfeeding my daughter and you are very right that it should be no different to some of the bikinis, swimsuits or other fashion trends at the moment that we see models and celebrities wearing. I really don’t care. Great post.

  4. I Only cover in respect to my baby and to be modest; i am a married woman and what i have is my husbands. Aside from that if the wind should blow and im exposed or i am having trouble w the cover. I am not ashamed… I gotta do what i gotta do! :)

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