I’d Like to Live in a World Like This

A volunteer blackberry plant in the weedy remnants of last summer’s garden. 

I am looking at the little blackberry with my four year old daughter when a little skipper lands. 

She squeals in happiness, her hands fly up to her face and she goes breathless. 

Disconnect makes life ugly. I can stand off and stare at the unkempt and awful weedy place where my garden used to grow.

Or I can creep closer, crouch low. I can look for the beautiful things that my life is full of. 

“I’d like to live in a world like this.” I think. 

The sun to our backs. Frozen in a moment, my two daughters and I. 

I’d like to live in a world like this.  The world I live in with these kids of mine. 

They remind me that it is full of small and simple things.

Full of beauty and wonder. 

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