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Upcoming Co-Ops – Comment if interested

I’ve been asked to run a few co-ops.

Comment if interested, let me know which co-ops you’d be interested in, how many/what type, and I’ll email you with the details and order spreadsheets. Price breaks will depend on the number of people interested in each co-op. 

WIO Bracelets
(Closing August 1, shipping time depends on vendor.)
Options will include a rubber style band bracelet and a stamped metal bracelet with a suede, silk or vegan cord. Voting will take place for what to have on the bracelet. “WIO” or a WIO phrase/reminder.

Alva Pocket Diapers
(Closing July 26- shipping 1-2 weeks after closing if in stock.) 

Custom Embroidered Cotton gauze fabric for DIY projects  52″ x 52″, 26″ wide 5, 6 and 7 yards, or 52″ wide 5, 6 and 7 yards. 
(For use in DIY projects such as wraps, swaddling blankets, cotton “play silk” style cloths, curtains, etc.)
(Closing July 26- shipping 1-3 weeks after closing. Limited availability)