Girl with a Curl

10 thoughts on “Girl with a Curl

  1. Beautiful photo!
    I also remember this poem…I have very curly hair. This would make a good poster to put up as a reminder.

    1. I wonder if that type of poster would sell. :) I’m looking for a source of income for Nurshable since the server required for it is more expensive than I can really justify for a hobby long-term. Thanks for the idea for making it into a poster!

    1. The ad networks don’t pay enough to offset server costs, and I have not attempted selling advertisements directly. I possibly should. :p

  2. Ad networks pay out based on how many visitors use the site. I run a site with Google Advertising and it more than makes up for server costs, but we get a lot of traffic. You could try it and see. It doesn’t cost you anything.

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