Pre-Discipline Checklist

6 thoughts on “Pre-Discipline Checklist

  1. I really like this! Wonder what an example would look like in a flow chart. Does that make sense? Or maybe like a companion chart.

    Like take #9 Am I trying to change age appropriate behavior or ask my child to act more mature than their age? If the answer is yes this is the result or if the answer is no this is the result.

    Just wondering if it would also be helpful to know what to do if you decide to discipline. Also I suppose it would be up to each parent.

    1. By “discipline” I mean “teach”, so discipline happens across the day in response to behavior that I don’t like. But it’s not punishment. It is a correction. So for my 2 year old if he hits his sister I “discipline” by redirection, offering a positive action, and removing his sister from his reach.

      I should see if I can convert it to a flowchart. :) I can also write another post about the different methods of discipline I use in different situations.

  2. This is good, but a bit difficult to read… anyway you can make the words darker?
    I don’t think this needs to be limited to babies and toddlers-works for 9 year olds too. They do react differently with different attitudes if you have not spent enough time with them.

  3. I love this.

    I want to print it and stick it on my fridge!
    It definitely works for older children too. In fact I would say it is a very useful tool for older children.
    Thank you!

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