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Toddler Behavior

Messy Eaters Make Better Learners.

“It may look like your child is playing in the high chair, throwing things on the ground, and they may be doing that, but they are getting information out of (those actions). And, it turns out, they can use that information later. That’s what the high chair did. Playing with these foods there actually helped these children in the lab, and they learned the names better.”

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Adding Breast Compressions and Manual Expression to Pumping Extracts More Fat and Boosts Production.

“A Stanford team led by neonatologist William Rhine, MD, recently published the second of two papers showing that a combination of electric pumping and hand expression can get mom’s milk production up to speed. Electric pumps aren’t as good as a baby at getting milk out of the breast; the first paper demonstrated that mothers who followed each electric pumping session with hands-on compressions of the breast extracted more milk and boosted their long-term milk production.”

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