“Getting Enough”

The average breastfeeding baby consumes 19-30oz of breast milk per day.1 with the most common amount being 25oz per 24 hours. Oddly one of the more curious practices that I’ve heard of is bottle feeding a breastfed baby to “make…

What is Normal?

“Is this normal for a breastfeeding baby/breastfeeding mom?” In the early days, even veteran breastfeeders can need some reassurance because every baby is different and what is normal varies from baby to baby. “What is normal?” “Help! My mother/brother/sister-in-law/best-friend/pediatrician said…

The “One Ounce Per Hour” Rule

The “One Ounce Per Hour” rule of bottle feeding during periods of mother/baby feeding is the preferred method of bottle feeding the breastfed baby while baby’s in the care of someone other than mom. It is the only “breastfeeding friendly” method of bottle feeding the breastfed infant that doesn’t lead to long term supply issues and struggling to keep up with pumping routines.

What is it? How does it work? Isn’t that starving your baby?