Small Bits of Collected Wisdom

Milk stains: Blue Dawn dish detergent gets milk stains out of your shirts when the milk evades your nursing pads.

Poop Stains: Sun gets breastmilk baby poo stains out of clothes and blankets.

Fussy Baby Latch Trick: Doing the “C” hold of your breast and pressing harder on the top than on the bottom makes your nipple point upwards. this makes it easier to follow the often-echoed advice of “aim your nipple at the roof of baby’s mouth”. Get the nipple into the palate this way and a fussy baby is more likely to latch on. For added benefit do the C-Hold with your thumb on top, your pinky/ring/middle fingers on the bottom and your index finger free. Use your index finger to stroke baby’s cheek. This activates the rooting reflex, and something touching roof of baby’s mouth activates the “suck” reflex.

Spring-Loaded Nipple Latch Trick: If you do the above but press hard enough on the top that your nipple rolls back, you get a “spring loaded nipple” that will spring into baby’s mouth when released. Handy if you have a biter.

(more to be added)

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    1. If you wash the clothes normally and then lay them out in the sun the sun breaks down the stains. Also try washing with Blue Dawn. I find I can get rid of all biological stains with blue dawn and sun.

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