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Due to a huge amount of interest in our groups we have changed the Facebook privacy settings to “Secret” for the groups and are now processing new  members through a membership request form so that we can make sure all of our members understand our “Toolkit” approach and positive group vibe. :)

You can join any of the groups through the community group:

3 thoughts on “Support Groups

    1. Hi Addie,

      We had to make the group privacy setting “secret” which means the links now only work if you’re a member of the group. We were having a lot of new people join that weren’t familiar with WIO or gentle parenting concepts and it was making a bit of a mess for the moderators. :) Since we went back to “secret” the groups have gone back to being their normal calm safe place and we’re handling member adds in a different way now.

      You can apply for membership here: Click here for the Gentle Parenting Community Membership Application

      (Note: if you cannot see the form you can email me at or add me as a friend on facebook and ask for help joining. My facebook account can be found here: feel free to add me even if you’re able to join easily with the form above. :) )

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