In an Emergency Room “Triage” is the admissions process where people go to describe their symptoms so that they can receive the right type of care as quickly as possible.

I’m creating a series of “triage” questions for common areas related to breastfeeding, and will be linking to them here. Often the answers to “triage” questions help narrow down what type of support a mom needs so that she can get the support quickly and effectively without as much back and forth and without as much delay or incomplete information.

Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments.

“Too Much Milk” Supply Triage (link to come)

“Too Little Milk” Supply Triage

Weight Gain Issues Triage (link to come)

Pumping Issues Triage (link to come)

Baby Behavior Triage (link to come)

Diaper Issues Triage (link to come)



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