Urban Legend Baby



5 thoughts on “Urban Legend Baby

  1. I would love to see these in a postcard book so I could put them up around my house to remind why I parent the way I do. They would also help me show my family that I am not unusual or ‘spoiling him so he’s a Mommy’s boy’.

  2. Sarah – you’ll never know how many times I’ve turned to you for support and how many times I’ve found myself in tears of gratitude for you….but these little gems truly made me laugh. Thanks for this today!

  3. Yes! So true. Especially the bit about liking to shower, and put babies down when we can. Ironically when my high needs kiddo was three I had another kid. Who I assumed would be identical. How wrong I was! From hospital on he nursed, I layed him down WITHOUT having to lay next to him and he slept for 2-3 hours independently. I do parent him differently. Sometimes I put him down awake but drowsy and he fusses for 2 minutes and goes to slept. And I wear him less. And he’s walking sooner cause he allowed actual on the floor tummy time. Kids, they have personalities of their own, go figure….

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